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Over the coming months, we have the chance to turn $25 into $10,000. Stanford teams with 100% young alumni participation in the Buck/Cardinal Club will win $10,000 to do with as they please.

Watch the video to hear former Stanford field hockey alumnae and head coach Tara explain what the Young Cardinal Challenge is all about and why we need your participation.

Mr. Bowlsby’s itching to give the money to someone and $25 is all it takes to make a difference for your team. Your participation would mean the world to us. We want the best for your program so that we can provide the best for our Stanford student athletes. Please get involved here at and spread the word to your classmates!

P.S. Still not sure how to give? Take a look at our handy guide.

As summer gets under way and our new blog takes off we thought we’d have a look back at Stanford Field Hockey’s record breaking 2011 season. 

Here are some of our favorite facts, you may have heard them already but we thought they’re worth another mention.

  • One of only 7 Division I teams to have lost 4 times or less, and all of our losses were to top-20 teams.
  • Averaged 3.4 goals per game.
  • Gained the highest national ranking the school has ever reached at #6
  • In keeping with Stanford Field Hockey’s proud tradition, named 10 to the National Academic squad.
A program pursuing excellence on the sports field and in the classroom. Growing the field hockey community and indulging in the joys of sport and the family it brings.
Stanford Field Hockey
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